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Rising Bollards

Crash Tested Automated Bollards

The Heald Crash Tested Automated Bollard is our ‘supreme’ bollard. It provides extra high security and has been crash tested to stop vehicles within 10 metres of the bollard, paralysing the vehicle.

This is an ideal alternative to the Roadblocker when the environment requires an architecturally pleasing security system. The bollard lies flush with the road surface at rest and raises to a height of 640mm at full extension.

The Crash Tested Automated Bollard can be operated by a range of access control systems and is controlled by a central PLC. The standard raise time is 6 seconds but can be accelerated for Emergency Fast Operation to 2 seconds.

Crash tested to 6.8 tonnes (15,000lbs) @ 40mph/64kph

Features   Benefits
Manufactured to exceed BS6571 welding to BS4872 - Built to last, guaranteed quality product
Raised and lowered in approx 4-6 secs - Quick operation means no build up of traffic
EFO 2 seconds (optional) - Extra security
PLC logic controls - Flexible methods of operation
Hot dip galvanised to BS1461 - Will not look unsightly
Extremely strong - Minimal ongoing maintenance
Robust - Vandal resistant
Effective vehicle barrier - Unobtrusive to pedestrians
Low running cost - Economical
Polyethylene Roller operation on stainless steel shafts - Long life & smooth operation
Crash tested bollards


Actual crash test shots of the Bollard


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